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Coroner’s Team

The coroner has a team of Coroner's Officers who carry out the investigation on the coroner's behalf.

The Senior Coroner for Manchester South is Alison Mutch.

The Senior Coroner has a duty to investigate deaths were the deceased died a violent or unnatural death, the cause of death is unknown, or the deceased died whilst in custody or otherwise state detention.

The staff at Manchester South are;

  • First Officer – Jeanette Mitchell
  • Coroner’s Officer – Robert Makin
  • Coroner’s Officer – Hayley Walsh
  • Coroner’s Officer – Michelle Wilkinson
  • Coroner’s Officer – Kate Notman
  • Coroner’s Clerk – Margaret McGuire
  • Coroner’s Clerk – Karen Yu
  • Coroner’s Clerk – Leanne Kirton
  • Court Clerk – Hazel Cheshire
  • Court Clerk – Adrian Ineson
Manchester South area covers three boroughs;