All finds of Treasure belong to the Crown.

When Treasure is found it must be reported to the Coroner, and may be subject of an Inquest in the Coroner’s Court. This arose from the ancient duty of the Coroner being protector of the property of the Crown. It is now part of the Treasure Act 1996.

In order to be deemed Treasure a find must be;

  • An object other than coins containing at least 10% gold or silver and at least 300 years old.
  • Coins containing at least 10% gold or silver and from the same find of at least two coins also with a gold or silver content no less than 10%
  • Objects found in association with objects that are Treasure
  • Ten or more coins in the same find that are at least 300 years old
  • Objects that would have been Treasure Trove.

The Coroner’s Treasure Inquest will determine whether a find is Treasure or not Treasure, and how the find was deposited (lost, concealed, or abandoned).

For further information about Treasure finds please download the Treasure Finders PDF.